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TRIAD Program

TRIAD Program

Seniors and Your Johnson County Sheriff’s Department – Working Together for Safety and a Better Quality of Life.

Unfortunately, seniors are all too often victims of consumer fraud and scams – Those who have given so much to our society sometimes end up being the most vulnerable citizens. Johnson County Triad is a unique and effective partnership between senior citizens and our county’s law enforcement officials – designed to foster education and the prevention of consumer fraud while promoting safety issues. TRIAD Johnson County has joined the enthusiastic and growing state wide network of TRIAD programs in other Indiana counties.

TRIAD is essential in helping to prevent fraud and other crimes against seniors – An Indiana Attorney General Staff member has been designated to work with your Johnson County TRIAD program. We have the honor of having access to the state wide TRIAD program’s resources and personnel.

Check back frequently for our upcoming community events and services that will be offered to our Johnson County seniors, through the Johnson County Indiana TRIAD program.

For background information on TRIAD click here.

For essential information you need to know about Identity Theft, visit the Identity Theft Unit at the Office of the Indiana Attorney General.

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