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Information on Sheriff's Sales

Sheriff Sales are held on the third Thursday (excluding Holidays) of each month at the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Jail Lobby located at 1091 Hospital Road in Franklin, Indiana. Bid sheets are available at 10:00 a.m. on the day of the sale. Bidding starts at 10:00 a.m. or as soon thereafter as possible. If you are a 3rd party bidder, you must have cash or a cashier’s check made out to Johnson County Sheriff in the full amount of your bid at the time of the bidding.

For information on the property you are interested in, please have ready the following information:

  • Homeowners Name
  • Address of the Property

You may telephone the JCSO Sheriff’s Sale Office at (317) 346-4623 or contact us via e-mail at SheriffSales@JohnsonCountySheriff.com. The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office does not guarantee the location or the legal description of any real estate offered at sale. For more information about Sheriff Sales, please call (317) 346-4623.

View and fill out Auction Cancellation Form


  1. Third party bidders must have cash or a cashier’s check made out to Johnson County Sheriff to cover the full amount of their bid at the time of the sale. No exceptions.
  2. If the purchaser should fail or refuses to pay the purchase money, judgment may be rendered against him/her for the sum and execution issued without stay of execution being allowed. The Sheriff could instead, sell the property on the same or subsequent day (after giving notice) and if the amount bid at the second sale does not equal the first bid plus the cost of the second sale, the first purchaser is liable for the difference, plus up to 10% damages to be recovered in a court action. If the Sheriff accepts partial payment from the first purchaser, he cannot resell. He must force payment of the balance.
  3. All sales will be conducted by oral bidding only. Bidding starts at 10:00 am., or as soon thereafter as possible.
  4. Bids from the lending institutions will be distributed among interested parties prior to the start of the sale. The minimum bid list is available one day prior to the sale.
  5. The judgment amount reflected shows what the bank or lending institution can bid; this will change with additional cost such as interest, insurance, property taxes, etc.
  6. Delinquent property taxes and/or certified sewer liens MUST be paid one day prior to the sheriff sale by the plaintiff or the sale will not take place.
  7. The Sheriff’s Office does not warrant location or legal description on any real estate sold at the sale. Any prospective bidder should obtain their own title evidence before making any bid on any properties in the sale.
  8. All sales will be held at the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office located at 1091 Hospital Road in Franklin, Indiana in the jail lobby.
  9. Once the sale has taken place, 3rd party buyers who purchased property are required to wait until paperwork is in order and money is collected and receipted in before leaving. 3rd party buyer information will be collected and as soon as we have the deed ready we will contact the purchaser. The purchaser will then need to come to the Sheriff’s Office to pick up their deed and have it recorded immediately after leaving the sheriff’s office. Completing the deed could take as long as ten (10) working days after the sale, depending on the amount of sales held at one time.
  10. Indiana law prohibits a person who owes delinquent taxes, special assessments, penalties, interest, or costs directly attributable to real property under IC 6-1.1 from bidding on or purchasing property at a Sheriff’s sale.

    I hereby affirm under the penalties for perjury that I am not prohibited from bidding under IC 32-29-7-4.5 and that I do not owe delinquent taxes, special assessments, penalties, interest, costs directly attributable to real property under IC 6-1.1, amounts from a final adjudication in favor of a political subdivision, any civil penalties imposed for the violation of a building code or county ordinance, or any civil penalties imposed by county health department. I also affirm that I am not purchasing property on behalf of or as an agent for a person who is prohibited from bidding under IC 32-29-7-4.5. I further acknowledge that a person who knowingly or intentionally provides false information on this affidavit commits perjury, a Level 6 felony.


  1. Attorneys are to include with Notice of Sale, one (1) self-addressed/postage paid envelope and addressed/postage paid envelopes for each of the defendants needing to be served, (this is to include certified mailings also). Johnson County Sheriff’s Office requires this statement on all Notice of Sales, THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE DOES NOT WARRANT THE ACCURACY OF THE STREET ADDRESS PUBLISHED HEREIN.
  2. The Sheriff’s Office does not warrant either expressively or implied any title, location, or legal description on any real estate sold at the sale. Any prospective bidder should obtain their own title evidence before making a bid on any property(s) at the sale. You can do this by conducting a title search or going to the Johnson County Recorder’s Office.
  3. All sales to be held will be posted at the Sheriff’s Office, the Clerk’s Office, and online at www.johnsoncountysheriff.com. All publications will be made in the Daily Journal a local paper printed in the City of Franklin, Johnson County, Indiana.
  4. Cost sheets will be sent to the Plaintiff’s Attorney prior to the sale date showing costs of the sale. If you have a discrepancy it must be dealt with prior to the day of sale.
  5. Notices, Deeds, Clerk Returns, Assignments, and Bid Forms must be on 8 ½ x 11 size paper. Bid Forms are due two (2) days before the sale by 10:00a.m. You will then be required to send one (1) completed Sheriff’s Deed, one (1) Clerk’s Return, one (1) Sales Disclosure, with one (1) check for Sheriff’s fee and publication (if applicable) costs, one (1) check for Recorder’s Fee, one (1) check for Auditor’s Fee, and two (2) additional self-addressed/postage paid envelopes, this must be received by our office prior to or by 10:00 a.m. one (1) day before the sale. If a Third Party Bidder purchases the property a new Sheriff’s Deed is required as soon as possible after the sale to the purchaser’s specifications. Cost check, Recorder’s check, and Auditor’s check will be returned if plaintiff is not the successful bidder. NOTE: The Sheriff’s Office is required to send Deeds directly to Recorder’s Office. Please be sure to include all of the listed above so we can get Deed(s) recorded in a timely manner if the plaintiff is the successful bidder.
  6. All sale costs must be paid prior to or on sale date.
  7. Fees for sales are set at $550.00. This figure reflects $250.00 for publication in the Daily Journal and $300.00 for Sheriff costs. Effective July 1, 2014, IC 32-29-7-3 requires written notice to each owner under the trial rules:

    (i) If a sale of mortgaged property scheduled under this section is canceled, the sheriff shall provide written notice of the cancellation to each owner of the real estate. Service of the written notice shall be made as provided in the Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure governing service of process upon a person. The sheriff shall charge a fee of ten dollars ($10) for notice to one (1) owner and three dollars ($3) for notice to each additional owner for service of written notice under this subsection. The fee:

    (1) is a cost of the proceeding;
    (2) shall be collected as other costs of the proceeding are collected; and
    (3) shall be deposited in the county general fund for appropriation for operating expenses of the sheriff’s department.

    The fee for service under this subsection shall be paid by the person who caused the sale to be canceled

  8. If Plaintiff’s bid exceeds judgment figured; proof must be provided for file in the form of a letter stating taxes, paid insurance, maintenance, etc. The amount over judgment can then be included in bid by Plaintiff.
  9. There will be no “special bid” process unless you have a representative here at the time of sale. This agency can not and will not act in your behalf. A low bid can be submitted and raised by your representative to amount of judgment. Your representative MUST be here to do so.
  10. Sales will be held every third Thursday of the month at 10:00 a.m. in the Jail Administrative Lobby at the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. All sales will be conducted “orally”. Bids from the banks/lending institutions (Plaintiffs) will be posted and distributed among interested parties. Third Party Bidders must have cash, money order, or a certified cashier’s check(s) in the full amount of their bid here with them before the sale begins to enter into the bid process. Third Party must use the certified cashier’s check or money order they come in with. Anyone who purchase’s a property will not be permitted to leave the Sheriff Office until they have paid. *NO EXCEPTIONS*
  11. Purchaser’s responsibilities on sheriff sale. See parts A and B.
    1. If the purchaser is the plaintiff; they will be responsible to pay Sheriff Costs, Recorder’s Fee, and Auditor’s Fee. Deed(s) will not be executed until proper proof/receipt of payment is shown. This must be done one (1) working day before sale. It will be the responsibility of the Plaintiff to provide a receipt copy of paid Delinquent Taxes/Certified Sewer Lien(s) NOT the Sheriff’s Office. If proof of payment on any/each delinquent taxes/sewer has not been provided to the Sheriff’s Office one (1) day before the Sheriff Sale the sale will be cancelled and no longer take place on its scheduled date. Per IC 32-29-7-8.5
    2. If the purchaser is a Third Party Buyer; they will be responsible for the sheriff cost and publication fees. These amounts will come out of the sale proceeds. Third Party purchaser will be responsible for their own Recorder and Auditor fees.*NOTE: This will be the ONLY amount taken out of sale proceeds. If there are other lien(s) such as mechanics lien(s), etc. attached to a property it will become the purchaser’s responsibility.
  12. Once the sale has taken place, Third Party Bidder who purchased property(s) are required to wait until paperwork is in order; money is collected, and receipted in immediately following the sale before leaving the building.
  13. **If plaintiff is the purchaser; the Sheriff’s office will send the completed Sheriff’s Deed(s), Sales Disclosure, one (1) self addressed/postage paid envelope, Recorder’s fee, and Auditor’s fee directly to the Recorder’s Office for recording. However, if the deed is FHA or HUD then it will be sent directly to the plaintiff’s attorney for them to handle recording.
  14. **If a Third Party Bidder is the purchaser; the Sheriff’s Office will complete the Sheriff’s Deed(s) as soon as possible after the sale. When the Sheriff’s Deed(s) are completed we will contact the purchaser for pick up. Then it will be the purchaser’s responsibility to Record their own Deed(s) immediately after picking them up from the Sheriff’s Office. Recorder and Auditor fees will also be Third Party’s responsibility. This could take as long as (7-10) working days, depending on the amount of sales held at one time.