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Where do I go to obtain a copy of a crash report and what is the cost involved?

If the accident occurred in the jurisdiction of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and was handled by a Sheriff’s Deputy then you may obtain a copy of the Indiana Officer’s Crash Report at the Johnson County Law Enforcement Facility (administration lobby). You may also submit a written request for a report. Please include the Crash Report number, if available, and any information as to the date, location and names of the parties involved in the accident. The cost of the report is eight dollars ($8.00) for each accident report. The fee needs to be paid in cash or by money order. Please do not send cash if you are making a written request for a report. The address for any written request is:

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office
% Records
1091 Hospital Road
P.O. Box 609
Franklin, Indiana  46131

A copy of the Indiana Officer’s Standard Crash Report is usually available 24 hours after the occurrence of the accident.

Where is the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office?

The Johnson County Law Enforcement Facility is located directly behind the Johnson Memorial Hospital in Franklin, Indiana. The address is 1091 Hospital Road Franklin, Indiana 46131. The Sheriff’s Administration is located in the lobby on your right as you approach the Jail Lobby entrance.

What hours are the Crash Reports available to be picked up?

Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Where do I obtain Incident Reports and what is required?

You may obtain incident reports from the same location as the accident reports. As indicated above, this is in the Sheriff’s Office Administration Lobby located in the Johnson County Law Enforcement Facility 1091 Hospital Road in Franklin, Indiana 46131. It is the policy of the Sheriff’s Office to provide any and all public information permitted under the law (IC 5-14-3-5) to all citizens. In order to effectively and sufficiently serve you, you will be required to complete a “Request for Public Information” form. You may also make a request for records in writing to the above address. If you do not know the report or case number then please make sure that you provide as much information as possible so as to streamline the task of searching through the records. There is no charge for the first three (3) pages of an Incident Report. There is a charge of ten cents ($.10) per page for each page thereafter.

If you have any additional questions concerning records request that have not been answered above you may contact our Records Clerk at (317) 346-4609.