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Public Safety Cadets

  • The Sheriff’s Office maintains a Public Safety Cadet (formerly Explorers) program headed up by a Lead Mentor from the department.
  • Public Safety Cadets participate in many community events and assist with functions such as the Johnson County Fair and different holiday festivals. This program is a great way for youths to determine if law enforcement is the right career path for them to take.
  • Public Safety Cadets will be in the age range of 14-21 years old to participate. Prior to becoming members of the Cadet program, applicants will undergo an interview and background check process to determine their eligibility and fit with the program.
  • Cadets participate at the discretion of the Sheriff’s Administration and Lead Mentor of the program. Cadets are not employees and volunteer their time with the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Any disciplinary action for Cadets will be at the discretion of the Sheriff. Cadets may be dismissed from the program at any time by the Sheriff or his designee, with or without cause.
  • Cadets are informal representatives of the Sheriff’s Office and are therefore expected to act responsibly, ethically, and professionally at all times, even when not participating in sanctioned activities.
  • A Public Safety Cadet official uniform will be decided upon by the Sheriff and all cadets will be expected to adhere to this directive. Uniform shirts and pants should be cleaned and pressed. The uniform shirt will be tucked into the uniform pants. Hair should be neatly trimmed. A mustache is the only acceptable facial hair and it should not exceed the corner of the mouth. Females are allowed one (1) pair of earrings while in uniform. No other visible piercing will be allowed. Boots should be cleaned and polished.
  • Cadets will only be in uniform when attending meetings, at officially sanctioned events, while observing or riding along with divisions of the Sheriff’s Office, or when approved by a mentor.
  • No tobacco products will be used by any cadet while in uniform or while attending meetings for the Cadet Program.
  • Cadets should always have their cadet identification with them at all times while in uniform.
  • Cadets are expected to attend all mandatory functions.
  • Cadets are eligible to ride with Merit and Reserve Deputies of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. If interested they must contact the Lead Mentor to obtain approval. The Lead Mentor will then work with the cadet to get him/her scheduled.
  • Cadets must have a signed and notarized waiver on file with the Road Division Commander. If the cadet is under the age of eighteen (18) they must have a parent or guardian sign off on the waiver.
  • Cadets are permitted to observe inside the jail, in the 911 Center, and in the Investigations Division. They must contact a mentor to obtain approval and set up a schedule. Cadets will not be permitted to ride in a jail vehicle during an inmate transport.
  • While Public Safety Cadets are observing in the various divisions, they shall be respectful of the work environment and immediately follow any order given by a member of the Sheriff’s Office.
  • If a Cadet has not graduated from high school, then they will be limited on the time spent in the various divisions. On school nights they will not be able to work any later than 10:00 PM.
  • On nights that school is not in session there are no limitations, however any given officer can limit their time in his/her division. The Sheriff’s Office, along with their parents can restrict the time they spend observing here at the agency.
  • Members of the program who are still in Secondary School are required to maintain minimum grades requirements to continue participation.

Interested persons should come to one of the monthly meetings, held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm in the Training Center at the Sheriff’s Office.

Point of Contact:

Community Liaison Jim Engmark
1091 Hospital Road
Franklin, Indiana 46131
(317) 346-4622