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Protective Orders

Facts, Information, & Resources

Laws enacted on July 1, 2002 restrict who can and cannot obtain a Protective Order.

Individuals who can apply for a protective order include:

Household or family members

  • Who have ever married, dated, had sex, child in common
  • Includes same sex partners
  • Ever related by blood, marriage, adoption or foster care (aunts, cousins, X-in-laws allowed)
  • Stalking victims (No relationship need be proven)
  • Sexual assault victims (includes child molest; No relationship need be proven)

Those who can NOT file for a protective order include:

  • X-Wife vs. the current girlfriend (or vice versa)
  • Neighbors/Co-Workers
  • Strangers/Road Rage
  • Roommates (Legislation introduced but not passed that would have added ‘cohabitation’ to list of those who can file)


Most protective orders in Indiana last two years for the date issued.

Under new law, it IS possible to get a BASIC Protective Order without an automatic hearing. The Basic order says stay away from petitioner and family at the home, workplace, school, day care, and no telephone or indirect contact. Caveat: The respondent can affirmatively request a hearing within 30 days – if not requested the order lasts for two years without further notice of the court.

Obtaining a Protective Order
Contact Heather of the Turning Point Domestic Violence Services Franklin Office. Heather can answer questions about and assist in completing the protective order, free of charge.

Contact Information:

Heather Wildrick
Community Services Director
PO Box 268
Franklin , IN 46131
Phone: 317-736-8666 
After hours: 1-800-221-6311

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