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Mobile Arrest Form

Effective immediately, we are replacing the Google remand form with the Mobile Report arrest form built into Spillman Flex. This is all done through Flex Mobile (aka Message Center). 
You can initiate this report one of a couple of ways:
  1. If you are assigned the call, it will show up in the list of your recent calls that you can click on from the home screen or search for in a regular Law Search.
  2. If it’s someone else’s call (or you just want to do it this way), you can also just click on the “Edit” button on any mobile Law screen from your agency:

From there, it should be pretty self-explanatory based on what everyone is already used to doing for our reports and NIBRS validations. Here are a few other things to note:
  • Make sure to use “SUSPECT” or “OFFENDER” in the relationship field in order to get the “Arrested” checkbox to appear. If you use the “Arrested” relationship, that checkbox won’t appear – it’s not a valid NIBRS selection.
  • When you are finished, you can either “Save” or “Save and Validate”. You can pick either one, but you will always have to do the NIBRS validations at some point.
  • When you are finished, please PRINT OUT the booking screen and bring it into booking with you.
  • Most of the other questions that were in the Google Form, such as BAC, Holds, Victim Notification, etc. will be asked by the Booking Officer when you’re in the jail. This will ensure the accurate information is relayed. If there’s an emergency and the arresting officer has to drop a prisoner and quickly leave, expect a phone call or IM from Booking to get all that information. We can’t book without it.
  • Once the person is taken to jail and the jail staff converts it to a full booking, YOU MUST CALL THE JAIL WITH ANY CHANGES to offenses. There are multiple things happening down the line that are based on the Offense that was originally put in. Do not modify the charges yourself.
This change is going to benefit everyone once we get used to it. It will be quicker and avoid the duplication that both road officers and jail staff are forced to do by using a separate form. 
Here is a link to a quick video that runs you through the process: https://motorolasolutions.wistia.com/medias/lcfpahfmwq
Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!