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Special COVID-19 Jail Information

The Sheriff’s Office is committed to protecting the inmates in our care. We have enacted the following measures to help achieve that goal:

  • No one is permitted in the jail at this time except for jail staff and medical personnel. No outside law enforcement officers or other individuals are allowed inside. All meetings are being conducted through our video visitation system or through glass.
  • All incoming arrestees are being screened using CDC guidelines prior to entering the facility and then cleared by medical staff.
  • The facility is set up with isolation areas for any inmates with suspected COVID-19 infections or symptoms consistent with a possible infection.
  • Surgical masks are being given to inmates.
  • All jail staff are wearing masks at this time and are told not to come to work if they are exposed to anyone with COVID-19 or are feeling ill.

Johnson County Jail Information


The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Jail Division and its employees work diligently in assisting all people who require our assistance and or our services. With our growing population of inmates and the many services that we offer, there comes a time when we must make changes in order to be more efficient in our day to day duties. We must always look for ways to manage our time and to perform those duties without certain interruptions. To maintain a high level of safety and security at the Jail we are restricting certain activities that occur at certain times.

During the day there are normal activities that must take place at certain times. The Jail will restrict activities during the following times:
5:00am to 7:00am Morning
11:00am to 1:00pm Afternoon
4:00pm to 7:00pm Evening

There will be no attorney visits, bonding, or any other type of activity that will involve inmate movement at the times listed above unless court ordered specifying a certain time that an interview must be conducted. Inmates will continue to be received and processed into the facility as well as released during these times, although other activities will be restricted as listed in this document. There will be exceptions made in extreme circumstances.

Inmate Handbook – Rules

Visitation & Phone Calls

On-Site Visitation:

Visitation is conducted through the HomeWAV Video Visitation platform.

HomeWAV.com | 844-394-6639

Customer Support Center | 7 days a week | 8am-5pm CST | 844.394.6639

Video Tutorials:  https://www.homewav.com/video-tutorials/

Customer Service:  support@homewav.com
Refunds:  refunds@homewav.com

All visitors are required to create an account on the HomeWAV website. Persons under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an adult with a valid HomeWAV account.

During the visit the visitor and the inmate must be logged in under their individual credentials. No sharing visits by visitors or inmates.

On-site visitations are scheduled 24 hours in advance pending visitor approval. Visitors are responsible for scheduling visits.

On-site visits are available during the following times:

Sunday: 1:00PM – 5:00PM

Saturday: 8AM – 10PM, 1:00PM – 5:00PM

Remote Video Visitation is available:

By using the Johnson County Jail video visitation equipment, you are subject to recording and monitoring.

All visitors must dress appropriately, suggested attire should be appropriate to wear around small children.

No recording devices, cell phones or cameras are allowed in the visitation area of the jail. Please leave these items in your vehicle.

No flashing or obscene behavior will be tolerated. Any visitor found to be in the violation will be blocked from all future visits.

Inmate’s Use of Telephones:

Inmates now utilize HomeWAV Voice through the video visitation systems to place regular phone calls. The phones are available in their housing areas daily from 8:00 AM to 11:00PM. HomeWAV Voice cannot call pagers, internet phones, etc. Money can be added to the inmate’s phone account through www.homewav.com utilizing the “Deposit Funds NOW!” button at the top of the HomeWAV webpage or by coming on-site and using the HomeWAV kiosk in the lobby.

Sheriff and Jail Staff can only deliver verifiable emergency telephone messages. Jail Supervisor will verify thru Hospital, Coroner, and Funeral Home etc.

HomeWAV Mobile App Free Download
Apple/iPhone App Download

Commissary and Bonding

Friends & Family
Web Deposits
(MasterCard, VISA, or bank debit card)
Commissary Deposit
Bonding via Web
For JailATM.com issues ONLY

Mailing Procedure

Beginning Monday 5/24/2021, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office-Jail will begin utilizing the HomeWav system to scan and receive standard mail. Inmates will no longer receive physical copies of mail sent to the facility; instead, it will continue to be screened in the Mail Room, then will be delivered electronically to the
personal HomeWav accounts. In addition to inmate mail, CCS reports, outdate notifications/worksheets, and plea agreements/sentencing orders will be uploaded to their HomeWav Inbox in place of repetitively printing documents. Scanned mail will be available throughout the entirety of their time in custody.

At this time, delivery and inspection of legal mail will continue in person. Photos sent from approved third-party vendors, as well as books and newspapers from approved vendors, will also be delivered in person.

All decisions regarding mail remain under the authority of the JCSO Mail Room, and will make the final determination regarding authorized and unauthorized materials.

All correspondence must have a complete return name and addressed in the following format:

P.O. BOX 609


Be certain to have your return address in the upper left hand corner of the envelope (return address must be handwritten and not a mailing label). This will ensure the return of the letter in case the inmate has left our facility. Do not place any stickers or glitter on the outside of the envelope.

Mail is always scanned and inspected for contraband, obscenity and other rule violations. Any legal correspondence will be opened in front of the inmate for inspection.

Assume that everything you write will be read by jail staff and can and will be used against you or the inmate in court.

Never write anything about the inmate’s court case you wouldn’t want read aloud in court.

Mail is a right by law, but violations of mail policies can result in the inmate’s mail privileges being suspended for safety and security reasons.

The introduction of contraband into the jail through the mail could result in criminal charges being filed against both you and the inmate.

Examples of Contraband:

  • Drugs, weapons, hazardous material, etc
  • Stamps, stickers, stationary, envelopes, post-its, etc
  • Staples, paper, clips, metal, plastic, laminations, balloons, and jewelry
  • Musical greeting cards
  • Altered mail such as perfumed or lipstick covered
  • Paper with any type of stains such as grease
  • Newspaper/Magazine clippings
  • Hardback books
  • Crayon, felt tip, glitter, ribbons, or painted drawings or cards
  • All greeting cards must be simple single fold cards with no added items in/on the card

All letters must be on standard size (8.5 x 11″) WHITE paper. No colored paper will be accepted. No computer generated letters will be allowed. All letters must be written in either pencil or black/blue ink only. No colored pens.


With the addition of tablets at the Johnson County Jail, no publications will be accepted inside the facility with the exception of religious publications. What is deemed a religious publication will be at the discretion of the Johnson County Jail mail staff and the mail staff will have the final say on what is authorized and unauthorized. Religious publications will still have to be sent directly from a “dot com” warehouse and must be new. Used religious publications are prohibited. Hardback publications are also prohibited. Bible studies are limited to 1 Bible study at a time and inmates may only be in possession of 1 Bible at a time as well. Newspapers may still be sent directly through the newspaper publisher with a valid subscription.

To send an inmate of the Johnson County Jail a religious publication, please use the mailing address as follows:

PO BOX 609

Receiving of Mail

Mail is received five days a week, Monday through Friday, except holidays. The Sheriff’s Office is not responsible for any delays, lost mail, or damaged mail occurring while in transit to and from the facility.

Any problems concerning incoming mail should be addressed to the mail room at (317) 346-4753.

Major Matt Rhinehart
Major Matt Rhinehart
Jail Division Commander

Major Matt Rhinehart

Matthew Rhinehart graduated from Center Grove High School in 1991 and began his law enforcement career in 1993 as a Reserve Deputy. During his service with Johnson County, Matt worked in the Johnson County Juvenile Detention Center, Johnson County Community Corrections in the work release program, and as a corrections officer in the Johnson County Jail. Matt was hired as a merit deputy in 1998, eventually earning the rank of Sergeant, and holding a Lieutenant’s rank for four years. Matt joined the SWAT team in 1997 and the bomb squad in 2002, he served as team leader on SWAT and enjoyed holding dual specialty responsibilities before stepping down to concentrate on the bomb squad. He is now the Johnson County Bomb Squad Commander. Matt is an ILEA instructor, ILEA firearms instructor, ILEA patrol rifle instructor, and a certified armorer in Glock pistols, AR-15, and the Remington 870 shotgun. Major Rhinehart has received training from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, Project Northstar SWAT operators school, FBI Hazardous Devices School, FEMA, Department of Homeland Security, ATF post blast investigation, FBI counter IED, FBI Electronic Counter Measures, and Radiological and Nuclear detection. In his position as Jail Division Commander, Major Rhinehart oversees the daily operations of the Johnson County Jail, its occupants and employees.