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Facts, Victim Information, & Resources

Domestic Violence is one partner in an intimate relationship exerting a pattern of power and control through manipulation and fear over the other partner.

Here are the escalating danger signs of Domestic Violence. Where are you at on the scale?

  • Accidentally hurting the feelings of loved ones (failure of compassion)
  • Purposely hurting feelings of loved ones (withholding compassion)
  • Criticizing personality (instead of behavior)
  • Attacking self-esteem
  • Insulting, name calling
  • Controlling, manipulating
  • Isolating, discouraging friends
  • Coercing, threatening, intimidating
  • Destroying property
  • Threatening or harming pets
  • Grabbing, pushing, shoving, slapping, or throwing objects at victim
  • Slapping with an open hand
  • Kicking, burning, biting, punching
  • Hitting with object or closed fist
  • Beating up (pinned down, repeated blows)
  • Threatening with a weapon
  • Attempted strangulation
  • Assault with a weapon
  • Severe Injury
  • Death

Facts about domestic violence:

  • 40-60% of men who abuse women, also abuse children so REPORT DOMESTIC ABUSE!
    • Children who live in a violent home often exhibit signs of low self-esteem, poor impulse control, depression, stress, fear of the abuser, contempt or pity for the abused parent, they often feel responsible for the abuse, aggression (in boys) and passivity (in girls), high risk for school absences, alcohol & drug abuse, sex, running away, lying, stealing, frequently contemplates/attempts/threatens suicide, confused sexual identity due to faulty role models, and a continuation of family violence patterns in adulthood.
  • The most dangerous time for a domestic violence victim is the first 60-90 days of a Separation from the batterer.
    • 75% of all calls to police and the Emergency Room occur after separation
    • Separation is dangerous because the batterer loses control of the victim!

What can a victim do?

  • Call your Sheriff’s Office (Emergency 9-1-1 )
  • Go to a shelter or other safe place
    • For help, call the Turning Point Domestic Violence Crisis Line at 1-800-221-6311. This service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Evict the batterer (if he’s not on the lease or mortgage)
  • Restrict visitation with kids
  • Get an order of protection!

Obtaining a protective order

Contact Turning Point Domestic Violence Services Franklin Office. They can answer questions about and assist in completing the protective order, free of charge.

Contact Information:
Turning Point Domestic Violence Services
PO Box 268
Franklin , IN 46131
Phone: 317-736-8666
After hours: 1-800-221-6311

Domestic Violence Resources:

Notice of Victims Rights
Domestic Violence Links