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Starting a Neighborhood Crime Watch Program

To form a Neighborhood Crime Watch program in your area, an individual must be designated as the Neighborhood Coordinator.

Neighborhood Coordinator’s Responsibilities:

  • The Neighborhood Coordinator should organize a community meeting between your neighborhood and the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office by calling 317-346-4606.
  • Locate volunteers to serve as Crime Watch Block Captains.
  • Make a map of the neighborhood and include addresses.
  • Designate ten to twelve homes for each Block Captain and indicate that information on the map.
  • Provide copies to each Coordinator. Distribute Crime Watch materials among Block Captains at the Coordinator’s meeting.
  • Collect a list from each Block Captain of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of each of their ten to twelve homes to create a master list.
  • Collect money for signs and coordinate with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office to receive the Crime Watch signs.
  • Serve as a liaison between the neighborhood and the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, and shall maintain the program and provide feedback to residents.

Block Captains’ Responsibilities:

  • The block captains need to distribute materials to their assigned homes.
  • Obtain and maintain a current list of names, addresses and phone numbers of those assigned homes.
  • Provide a copy of that list to the Neighborhood Coordinator.
  • Serve as the liaison between the residents and the Neighborhood Coordinator.
  • When receiving from and making phone calls to assigned homes, the block captain should use common sense; Obtain and distribute facts only. He/she should put themselves in the victims place. Ask the victim for his/her permission or don’t give information out. Give hundred block only, for example: 5100 block of ABC Street, not 5123 ABC Street.

Last but not least, the area residents certainly have responsibilities to make the program work properly. Residents should call the law enforcement dispatch immediately when you see or hear a crime being committed and see or hear suspicious activity in the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Jurisdiction. Do not be afraid to call law enforcement. One should always report suspicious license numbers to law enforcement. Residents should call your crime watch block captain, and also get acquainted and communicate with your neighbors. Finally, residents should attend regular meetings, stay educated and informed. Educate your children in a common sense approach to crime prevention.

To report a life threatening emergency or a crime in progress, call 911.

To report suspicious activity or another non-emergency situation in the Johnson County Sheriff’s jurisdiction, call (317) 736-5155.

For other general information, you may contact the Sheriff’s Office:
(317) 346-4606.

Property Form List

Fill this out and store it in a safe place to assist law enforcement recover your property should you ever be the victim of a burglary or theft.

Download the form (PDF)