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General County Email Instructions

Link to get to email from any web browser (save this to your favorites/bookmarks):


  • Username will be:  JCNS/—–
    (—– is your 5 character login name, NOT your email address)
  • Password is whatever you set up.

Two-Factor Authentication Setup

Johnson County has activated two-factor authentication for all county email accounts. This simply means that there is an additional layer of security on top of your password that’s required to log into your email account. Outlook will not function until you do the steps below.

Please follow the instructions below to set up 2FA on your account (you should only have to do this once). It requires you to use a smartphone in order to approve authentication requests.

  1. Go to the county’s Outlook Web Access ON A COMPUTER (not your phone) at: https://email.co.johnson.in.us. If you are typing this in instead of clicking that link, you MUST TYPE IN THE “https://” portion or it won’t load.
  2. You will see a screen this screen which begins the setup process:
  3. It will tell you to go to the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android devices including Samsung) and install the app: DUO MOBILE. Install the app and run it. Once you have done that, click the “I have Duo Mobile Installed” button as pictured below:
  4. On the computer screen, it will ask you to put in your phone number. Put in the phone number of the smartphone you will be using to sign in.
  5. A screen with a QR code will pop up on the computer (like the one below). Inside the Duo Mobile app, the box should appear to scan the code. You will probably need to grant permission for the Duo Mobile app to use your phone’s camera. Scan the code with the camera and proceed to the next step.
  6. You will then see a screen on your computer asking you what to do when you log in. Choose the option to Automatically send this device a Duo Push:
  7. Regular Outlook will now function as normal. Any time you try to log in from the web browser, you’ll be required to authenticate with the Duo Mobile app on your phone. You’ll see a screen like this, in which you should click “Send me a Push”:
  8. You will now see a notification pop up on your computer from the Duo Mobile app. This is the same notification that will appear every time you try to log in. Click “APPROVE” on your phone and you should be logged in automatically on the computer.