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There's More than Low Carby's at THIS Arby's...
(October 19, 2004)


On October 19, 2004 at about 3:35 A.M, Johnson County Sheriff's Deputies' were dispatched to the 1700 block of East Whiteland Road to investigate a reported theft from a vehicle which had just occurred. The suspect vehicle reportedly fled eastbound from Whiteland towards Interstate 65. The suspect vehicle was described as a Green GMC Van with a ladder on it. Within one minute, Johnson County Sheriff's Deputies' Andy Barnhart and Brian Blankenship spotted the vehicle and tried to stop the suspect. When Deputy Barnhart attempted to stop the van, the driver sped up and failed to stop. He careened through the Pilot Travel Center Parking lot at Whiteland Road and Interstate 65, driving backwards through the Arby's Restaurant Drive-Thru Window. The man then attempted to turn back onto westbound Whiteland Road, but instead drove into a muddy drainage area where his vehicle became stuck. The suspect fled on foot with Deputies' Barnhart and Blankenship close behind. The suspect attempted to carjack a car occupied by a juvenile female who was preparing to get gas at the Pilot Station gas pumps, until Deputy Blankenship ordered him onto the ground at gunpoint. Again disregarding orders and continuing to resist, the man fled until he was tackled by Sheriff's Deputies. As the officer's continued their investigation, several new charges developed. The man had a syringe and suspected methamphetamine in his possession. The van which he was driving (without any kind of drivers' license) was stolen from New Whiteland overnight. He is also suspected of stealing another vehicle and dumping it in Whiteland earlier yesterday; That case is still under investigation. Thanks to the good work by the alert citizen in the 1700 block of East Whiteland Road who called immediately, and thanks to the outstanding job by Deputy Andy Barnhart and Deputy Brian Blankenship, this suspect can expect to spend many years behind bars where perhaps he will finally learn that (just like at Arby's,) "Change Is Good." He is being held at the Johnson County Jail with a $40,000 bond, and is also being held for Clinton County where he is wanted on warrant for Dealing in Methamphetamine.

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