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Sheriff's Deputy's Take a Hit
(October 18, 2004)


The Johnson County Sheriff's Office is undergoing training on the X-26 Law Enforcement Taser System. These devices will be carried by all Johnson County Sheriff's Deputies' on their duty belts. The small yellow gun-like devices deploy two dart-like objects into uncooperative noncompliant suspects and delivers a 50,000 volt charge for 5-seconds to the suspect. The charge effectively disables the suspect so that the officer(s) can place him or her into custody with a substantially decreased risk of injury. Each Deputy who completed the training was required to experience the 50,000 volt shock before he/she is allowed to carry the device. The devices will be issued to all department members as soon as the department-wide training has been completed.

Check this news story again in the near future for a video clip of Detective Steve Edwards taser hit as photographed above...

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