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Spotlight: K-9 Centa
(September 30, 2006)

Spotlight: K-9 Centa

Centa is a nine-year-old female German Shepherd from Czechoslovakia. She was purchased by the Sheriff’s Office and began her career in 1998. Most police dogs retire around eight or nine years of age. Despite Centa’s age, she is ready and eager for duty each night. However, with six years of community service under her collar, Centa will retire in the near future into the luxurious life of a spoiled housedog (which she occasionally practices now.)

Centa is a dual-purpose police dog trained in the following areas: Obedience, Narcotics Detection, Article location, Subject location by Tracking, Area Searching or Building Searching, Handler Protection and Criminal Apprehension.

During her career, she has aided in many criminal arrests including: hidden suspects, warrant services and narcotics. Deputy Travis Derrett is Centa’s third handler. Derrett believes Centa’s biggest contribution is her mere presence at the scene of an arrest. “She makes this intimidating and unique snapping sound when her teeth hit together.” Centa’s aggressive bark coupled with her trademark “snap” is persuasive enough for most suspects to give up with no resistance, keeping officers safe. If Centa is on the scene, she is in charge! If you forget this, she will remind you. Centa is a vocal dog with a lot to say.

Despite all this, Centa is a social dog. She is as much of a lovable housedog at home as she is a working police dog on the street. As the search for a new partner begins, Centa’s intelligence, skill level and street smarts leave big paw prints to be filled by her predecessor.

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