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BEWARE: Internet Scam!
(September 24, 2004)

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office Investigations Division is investigating an online "Nigerian Letter Scam" that is affecting local E-bay users. Most recently, a Franklin woman was contacted by an online buyer desiring to purchase her product. The purchaser told her that he would send a Cashier's Check for far more than the purchase price amount and requested that the victim send the excess amount to a third party due to transfer regulations in their country. The cashier's check was a fraudulent document; In fact, Sheriff's Investigators have found that there is a large amount of conterfeit "People's Bank of Northern Kentucky" Cashier's Checks in circulation. Local online auction site users should be aware of this scam, do not forward excess money, and contact the Sheriff's Detective Bill Pfifer for more information at 317-736-2241 or by e-mail at wpfifer@co.johnson.in.us.

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