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In-Car Computer Update
(September 7, 2004)

Laptop Computers to be Installed

After a long wait, staff of the Indiana Public Safety Commission are reporting that the Mobile Data Phase of Project Hoosier SAFE-T is in progress. The Johnson County Sheriff's Office eagerly awaits the arrival of the laptop computers into each squad car. The computers will allow the Sheriff's dispatcher to send information to Sheriff's Deputy's in the field, and will free up the radio to allow for easier emergency communication. A report issued by Project Hoosier SAFE-T states that installation of all network infrastructure hardware and software necessary to support mobile data users has been completed. Tower sites for the SAFE-T system have a dedicated Data channel that will reportedly support a minimum of 175 simultaneous users. The SAFE-T newsletter reports that the Pilot project in Johnson County is "underway", and that final installation and programming is underway for the mobile RF modems and laptop software to be used for computer aided dispatching, car-to-car messaging, and access to IDACS from the laptops. The Indiana Public Safety Commission reports that the Johnson County Consortium is expected to deploy 200 mobile data devices.

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