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JCSO Cyber-Substation New Feature
(August 6, 2004)

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office is pleased to announce the newest crime fighting tool made available to the public via the Cyber-Substation. Effective immediately, the citizens of Johnson County will be able to view the last 15 days worth of active cases being conducted by the Sheriff's Criminal Investigations Division.

What is an active case? When a citizen reports a crime, a Sheriff's Deputy is dispatched to investigate the incident and take a written report. The report made by the responding Deputy is then forwarded to the Investigations Division where Major Steve Byerly reviews all incoming cases. Many of these cases are deemed to be active and are assigned to a Detective for investigation.

Why does the Johnson County Sheriff's Office want to provide this information to the public? Experience has taught us that an informed public is better prepared to help us in two manners: tip submissions, and increased vigilance. If a resident examines the active cases log online and notices that in the last couple nights, someone has been breaking into vehicles in or near their residence, that person is more likely to make sure his valuables are out of sight, garage door is shut, and they are much more likely to be vigilant and report suspicious activity. Posting this information online will help the public be better informed and thus more watchful. This will likely result in increased tips and suspicious person calls in the affected areas.

Thus, the Active Criminal Case portion of the Cyber-Substation is yet another partnership with the community in which we serve. Working together with citizens, the men and women of the Johnson County Sheriff's Office continue to use every modern resource available to keep the public informed.

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