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Sheriff Terry McLaughlin Announces Hiring Process
(July 26, 2004)

July 26, 2004


RE:  Applications for Employment


The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office will be accepting applications for the position of Merit Deputy from July 28th through August 27th 2004.


All applications must be complete.  The applicant will not be considered for the second phase of the hiring process if his/her application is not complete upon presentation.  No additions or corrections will be permitted once the application is accepted by this agency.


On September 11th 2004 a physical agility test and written examination will be administered to those whom make it to the second phase of the hiring process.  Indiana Law Enforcement Academy standards will be used for the physical agility test.  The five  tests and their required standards are as follows:   Vertical jump (16”), one minute sit-ups (29), three hundred meter run (71 seconds), maximum push ups (25), and a 1.5 mile run (16 minutes 28 seconds).


Applications are available at the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office or click on the Employment Information Page Link below.



Terry McLaughlin


 Click here to visit the Employment Information Page