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Sheriff's Deputies' Bag Burglar
(July 18, 2004)

Sheriff's Deputies' Extract Burglar from Home

On July 18, 2004 shortly after midnight, Sheriff's Dispatcher Capozzi received a call from the A.D.T. Alarm Company reporting an active residential Burglar alarm at 88 South Harvey Road in rural Clark Township, about three miles east of Greenwood. Veteran Reserve Sheriff's Deputy Doug Underwood and his rider Reserve Deputy Jacobs responded to the home. As they checked the exterior, Underwood found a broken window. Deputies' Underwood and Jacobs formed a perimeter around the home and summonsed more assistance. Minutes later, the two Reserve Deputy's were joined by Sheriff's Canine Handler Travis Derrett, Sergeant Joe Clark, Deputy Bill Jackson, and two Whiteland Police Officer's. While Reserve Deputy Underwood was standing by the window, a man suddenly began attempting to climb out of the glass-shattered opening. Underwood drew his Glock 9-mm duty weapon and ordered the man to stop; The suspect fled back into the residence, and began running to each side of the house looking out the windows. At each window - much to his dismay - he was greeted by a Sheriff's Deputy who was preventing his escape. The man was repeatedly ordered to surrender but he refused. Instead, he hid inside the house. Sheriff's Canine Handler Travis Derrett, his partner, and Shift Supervisor/Sergeant Joe Clark found another unsecured window and went inside the home to apprehend the intruder. Deputy Derrett's canine cleared the basement and main floor while Sergeant Joe Clark mentioned hearing noises in the attic. Sergeant Clark alerted the units outside the home that he felt the suspect was inside the attic and to monitor the roof area. Sergeant Clark and Deputy Derrett did not know if the suspect was armed. Since Residential Burglary is a Class B Felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison, this felon did not have a lot to lose - except his freedom. Sergeant Clark and Deputy Derrett climbed up to the attic access and carefully peered around. They saw a shoe protruding from a lump of insulation in the back of the attic. Sergeant Clark looked more closely and could see the lump of insulation rising and falling every time the suspect took a breath. The Deputy's fearlessly continued in their pursuit of this felon and ordered him again to surrender. Realizing that he had nowhere else to hide, the man surrendered and was led outside of the attic by Clark and Derrett. The 34-year old suspect, Gregory Vasquez Jr. of Indianapolis, was interviewed by Detective Sergeant Bob Sexton and was subsequently arrested and charged with Class B Felony Residential Burglary. He was being held at the Johnson County Jail on $20,000 bond. Besides the damaged window that the suspect broke to enter the home, the interior of the house had been ransacked. The good response of Reserve Deputy's Underwood and Jacobs, combined with the courageous acts of Sergeant Clark and Deputy Derrett, coupled with the Deputy's and Whiteland Police on the perimeter, this Burglar's days of stealing are done - for a very, very long time.

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