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Sheriff's Deputies' Bust Vandal
(July 16, 2004)

Sheriff's Deputies' Arrest Vandal

On July 15, 2004 at about 5:00 p.m. Sheriff's night-shift Sergeant Eric Cox notified his shift to do periodic extra patrols on the [new] Reserve at Somerset Subdivision area on Smokey Row Road just west of State Road 135 in White River Township. Sergeant Cox had received information that someone was repeatedly damaging freshly poured concrete on the new sidewalks in front of the subdivision. Only one hour later, Sheriff's Deputy Mike Heisinger and Sheriff's Canine handler Kerry Hamilton and his partner Robbie were patrolling the neighborhood when they observed two suspicious juveniles standing in front of a segment of freshly poured concrete. In front of one of the girls was freshly engraved initials and a stick laying on the ground that was used to inscribe the writing. While at first the 15-year old juvenile said that a small green car of teenagers had done the damage, moments later she recanted her story. The girl admitted that she had been defacing the property each time she found freshly poured concrete. Of course the initials put into the concrete in front of where she was standing - were her initials. The concrete Sub-contractor determined that a conservative damage estimate was $800.00. The Johnson County Juvenile Probation Office was contacted, and the juvenile was released to her parents pending further proceedings by the Juvenile Justice System. The Johnson County Sheriff's Office will continue to take whatever enforcement action is necessary to prevent and deter vandalism, or apprehend the parties involved in an effort to ensure high quality of living and keep our county beautiful.

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