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Sheriff's Deputy Injured in Crash
(July 15, 2004)

Sheriff's Deputy Injured in Crash

On the evening of July 14, 2004 just after 6:00 p.m., Johnson County Sheriff's Deputy Andy Gordon was responding to the Trafalgar area to assist the Indiana State Police in stopping a possible intoxicated driver. As Deputy Gordon was southbound State Road 135 in front of the Tameka Woods Golf Course, he observed the suspect vehicle pass him. Deputy Gordon activated his left turn signal, then his red and blue emergency lights to turn around and stop the suspected drunk driver. He drove about 100' to County Road 450W where the road widens so that he could turn around to go back northbound. As he turned around, he noticed a White 2001 Mercury Mountaineer failing to yield to his flashing red and blue emergency lights. Deputy Gordon realized an impact was likely, and accelerated in an effort to avoid collision. The Mountaineer struck the 2002 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor in the drivers' side rear portion of the vehicle, just behind the drivers' seat totalling the Police Interceptor. The driver of the Mountaineer, 78-year old Ralph Black, was suffering from chest pain as a result of the crash. His two passengers, Lucy Fitch and Marie Henry, also complained of pain. Deputy Gordon suffered neck pain. All four injured parties were taken to Johnson Memorial Hospital and checked out; None of the injuries were serious. Black told Crash Investigator's that he never saw the flashing red and blue lights; A nearby witness told the Crash Investigator that Deputy Gordon's lights were indeed functioning properly prior to the crash and that the Mountaineer simply did not yield.

Deputy Gordon was released from Johnson Memorial Hospital and is doing well. Motorists are reminded to be very careful around Sheriff's cars displaying flashing blue and red lights; State law requires that upon approaching a moving emergency vehicle displaying red and blue flashing lights, you must immediately move to the right and stop. Please keep our Sheriff's Deputy's safe and be vigilant.

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