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Coming Soon to the JCSO Cyber-Substation
(July 9, 2004)

Coming Soon to the JCSO Cyber-Substation!

The JCSO is preparing to implement a new feature on the website that will allow members of the public to see what criminal cases your Sheriff's Office is working on. Each day, the new criminal cases that are being investigated by the Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation's Division will be posted online. It is the intent of this agency to take a more proactive effort to alert county residents who reside in areas where specific crimes are occurring - such as thefts from vehicles or residential burglaries. By providing more information to county resident's concerning the location of these crimes, the Sheriff's Office is hopeful that the affected communities will work together to watch more diligently for suspicious activity and call the Sheriff's Office immediately so that a Sheriff's Deputy can be dispatched to investigate. Besides increased vigilance, residents who live in the areas described on the new website database should help keep an eye on their neighbor's properties. Call or contact a neighbor who forgets to shut their garage door. Working together in partnership with the community in which we serve, the Johnson County Sheriff's Office will be stronger and more effective - and the criminal's will learn that Johnson County is not the place to commit crimes. This feature will be coming soon...

Working together...Neighbor's helping neighbor's...your Johnson County Sheriff's Office.

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