(July 9, 2004)


Sheriff's Detective Bob Sexton did not have a lot of information about the perpetrator of the crime. He knew that someone had stolen $22,500 worth of items from a White River Township man. Det. Sgt. Sexton had a photograph of the suspect, and he was told his name was "John Joshua Lang," but that was all the information he had. Complicating matters even more, Detective Sergeant Sexton had every reason to feel that the suspect was a transient, as he was brought to the White River Township area from Kokomo. The only other clue was a disconnected cellular phone number. Considering the fact that there are an estimated 6,379,432,133 people on this earth, would you believe that Johnson County Sheriff's Detective Sergeant Bob Sexton has the suspect identified (John was not his true name) and in custody in Mexico? It is true. Despite the odds, Sexton's hard work has paid off yet again, and he found his man. In addition, the suspect is wanted by numerous police agency's across the nation and is an escapee from a Correctional Facility in Kentucky! A full story article will be posted soon as more information on this case is available. Good work Detective Sergeant Bob Sexton!

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