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Intoxicated 20-Year old suspect Crashes and Flees
(May 12, 2004)

20-year old Drunk Driving Suspect Crashes in Subdivision

On Tuesday evening, May 11, 2004, Sheriff's Deputy's were notified of hit and run crash in the Fair Oaks Subdivision of White River Township. The caller reported that a speeding Jeep Sport Utility vehicle lost control in a curve, flipped upside down, struck a guardrail caving in the roof of the vehicle, then flipped back onto its wheels. The caller then reported that the Jeep and its too occupants immediately fled the scene! A nearby driver began following the vehicle notifying Sheriff's dispatcher's of its direction of travel. The caller was dismayed as he noticed the vehicle had no headlights and was driving in the dark southbound on Morgantown Road approaching Smith Valley Road. The suspect could not see out of the destroyed front windshield and the roof was caved in forcing the occupants to crouch down inside the passenger area.

As Deputy's closed in, the suspect vehicle fled westbound onto Smith Valley Road and then southbound onto Paddock Road in the Old Smith Valley area. Moments later, Deputy Brian Blankenship and Deputy Andy Gordon intercepted the Jeep and stopped the two occupants. While it was no surprise that both the driver and passenger were bloody with injuries sustained from the crash, the fact that the vehicle sustained such heavy damage and was still being driven on the road was remarkable. Unfortunately, this was not the only surprise awaiting the responding officers.

It did not take long for the Deputy's to realize that this was the same driver who was arrested less than 24 hours ago for Operating While Intoxicated, Minor Consuming Alcohol, and Driving While Suspended with a Prior Conviction! That arrest occurred just a mile away when the suspect disregarded Road Closed signs on the Smith Valley Road Construction site.

The driver of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, 20-year old Michael B. Mills of Greenwood, offered no explanations, but repeatedly apologized for his actions. While the Jeep sustained severe damage, there was only minor damage to the solid wooden guard rail belonging to the Fair Oaks Homeowner's Association.

Deputy Brian Blankenship accompanied the suspect to the hospital where he received treatment for his injuries, and Deputy Andy Gordon continued the on-scene investigation, locating open alcohol containers and a small amount of marijuana inside the Jeep.

Deputy Blankenship arrested Mills on charges of Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated, Driving While License Suspended with a Prior Conviction, Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Crash, Possession of Alcohol by a Minor, Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Paraphernalia. Mills was held in the Johnson County Jail. The 21-year old male passenger in the vehicle was treated for minor injuries.

Johnson County Sheriff's Deputy's have been making a record setting number of Operating While Intoxicated arrests. Two Deputy's were recently recognized by the Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization for the collective 100 drunk drivers taken off the streets of Johnson County. These enforcement actions will continue department-wide; The blood alcohol limit for Operating a motor vehicle is .08%. Drivers are reminded to simply not drink and drive.

Drunk Drivers go to Jail in Johnson County, Indiana


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