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Spotlight: Fleet Management
(April 29, 2004)

Spotlight: Fleet Management

The Sheriff's Office operates twenty-four hours each day, and seven day a week. Deputies' often catch a lot of attention from the public when they are responding to a call with their lights and sirens in operation. The ever increasing number of emergency calls which this agency responds to would not be possible without good equipment. The daily stress that is cast upon the patrol vehicle is remarkable. Yet, thanks to the superb mechanics in the Johnson County Division of Fleet Management, these vehicles are dependable and reliable.

Under the direction of Joseph Pitcher, the Fleet Management Division is responsible for the ordering, set-up, routine maintenance, and emergency repair of 260 County owned vehicles. Of those vehicles, 94 are assigned to the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.

The Road Division of this agency primarily uses Ford Police Interceptor's and recently deployed a fleet of Ford Explorer emergency vehicles. The 2004 Police Interceptor is the law enforcement version of the Crown Victoria sedan. Improvements specifically made to the Crown Victoria which make the vehicle suitable for law enforcement use include an upgraded suspension, different vehicle computer programming, and upgraded electrical systems. The 2004 Police Interceptor is equipped with a 245-horsepower 4.6L V8 that meets the needs of traffic enforcement.

Mechanics Craig Bartlett and Josh Cline work daily to prepare new vehicles for use. Each new vehicle takes two workers about three days to complete or one worker one full work week. About $5,000 worth of equipment such as radios, convert-a-coms, sirens, computer mounts, strobe lights, halogen lights, LED lighting, and light bars are installed into each vehicle. Bartlett and Cline are just completing putting many new 2004 Ford Explorers on the street and are preparing to pick-up seven Police Interceptor's to prepare for implementation.

Due to the diligence and expertise of Bartlett and Cline, the Sheriff's Office maintains an outstanding fleet of nice looking, well running vehicles that never fail to answer the call of duty.

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