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Mail Theft Suspect Arrested
(September 21, 2012)

Mail Theft Suspect Arrested

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

News Release

For Immediate Release – September 21, 2012

On or about August 13, 2012, four Johnson County residents and one Town of Bargersville resident reported Theft of mail from their mailboxes.  With the exception of the Bargersville incident, all of these thefts occurred in the rural Trafalgar area of southern Johnson County.  Evidence indicated that the suspect(s) had taken checks from the mailboxes and were “washing checks,” a term used to describe an act of Fraud where an individual re-writes who a check is paid to the order of.  One of the stolen “washed checks” was cashed at a PNC Bank in Greenwood.  Sheriff’s Detectives developed a suspect in the case who was ultimately identified by witnesses.  A warrant for Class C Felony Fraud was issued for suspect Amy Jo Doyle, 32, 2900 block of West 550S, Trafalgar, Johnson County, Indiana.  Doyle was arrested by an officer with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office where she is held awaiting transfer to Johnson County to face her charges.  This investigation is ongoing; Sheriff’s Detectives invite anyone with tips or information on others participating in this crime to call the Sheriff’s Crime Tip line at 317-736-2204 or e-mail CrimeTips@JohnsonCountySheriff.com.


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