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DOC Prison Inmate Escapes Atterbury State Prison Facility
(May 2, 2012)

Prison Inmate Escape

The Indiana Department of Corrections has notified the Sheriff's Office of an Escaped Prisoner from their Atterbury Correctional Center facility on the Camp Atterbury Military base in Edinburgh.

The wanted fugitive is Brian Poland, a 32-year old white male, 5'10" tall, weighing 161 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. There has been no last known clothing description provided.

Poland was incarcerated in prison on a two year sentence for Theft, but DOC records indicate he has a decade-long record of Robbery and Burglary convictions. RESIDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO NOT APPROACH THIS SUSPECT IF HE IS ENCOUNTERED; CONTACT LAW ENFORCEMENT VIA 911 IMMEDIATELY.

Residents are advised to make extra effort to be certain that keys are not left in vehicles, and make sure your vehicles and residences are locked securely until this suspect is apprehended. Residents are also reminded to not pick up any hitchhikers, and to report all suspicious activity WITHOUT DELAY to the Sheriff's Office by calling 911.

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