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Price Increases cause Precious Metal Thefts to again Increase
(March 27, 2012)

Precious Metal Thefts Increase

Sheriff's Office notices increase in Thefts

The price of scrap metals and specifically copper is once again on the rise, and the Sheriff's Office is again seeing an increase in theft reports involving copper.  On March 27, 2012, an AT&T telephone company employee reported that copper was stolen from a cell phone tower site in south-eastern Johnson County outside of the town of Edinburgh.  The copper was valued at about $500.00, but as is often the case, it will cost the company about $1,500 in labor to replace the stolen copper. 

The Sheriff's Office will be giving extra patrol to sites in the county which are known to have an elevated risk for this type of theft, and we ask all citizens to be extra vigilant and to report suspicious activity immediately.  Sites such as cellular or other communications tower sites, water plants, pumping stations, etc. are high risk for precious metal thefts; citizens who observe strange cars or other suspicious activity at these locations should call 911 immediately and give a thorough description of the vehicle or other circumstances. 



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