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Detectives see increase in Catalytic Converter Theft Incidents
(August 2, 2011)


As the spring and summer-like weather arrives in Johnson County, the property crimes tend to increase. Thefts from vehicles and residential burglaries generally increase as the good weather begins to pervade. 2011 is no different. Sheriff's Detectives are reporting that there have been more recent incidents of Catalytic Converter Thefts from the White River Township area of Johnson County. Thieves are climbing underneath parked vehicles under the cover of darkness and using small cutting torches to remove the catalytic converters from the vehicles. The thieves are especially after Toyota vehicle products at this time.

Residents are urged to take measures to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of Catalytic Converter Theft. There are many ways one can reduce the chances of being affected by this type of crime. Become friends with your neighbors, and help each other watch out for your respective belongings. Avoid parking on the street overnight. Park in a driveway close to the home - not at the end of the driveway. Utilize properly adjusted motion activated floodlights to alert you when someone is in your driveway. Improperly adjusted motion lights are ineffective as you will soon become inattentive to their activation if they come on every time a vehicle passes your house, for example. Keep them adjusted where the only time they activate is if someone is truly around your parked vehicle.

Most importantly, if you DO see someone suspicious around your vehicle, do not scare them off or approach them. If you observe suspicious activity, call 9-1-1 immediately while you can still see the suspect(s). Be prepared to answer several questions from the Sheriff's dispatcher.

To report suspicious activity in the Sheriff's jurisdiction after you can no longer see the suspect, call the Sheriff's Office at 317-736-5155. To report crime tips via e-mail, you can send a message to: CrimeTips@JohnsonCountySheriff.com anytime day or night.

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