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Spotlight: K-9 Robbie
(September 30, 2006)


Canine, Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

Robbie is a four-year old Belgium Malinois purchased by the Sheriff’s Office from the Vohne Liche Kennels of Denver, Indiana. The Vohne Liche Kennel trains dogs for use by many agencies across our nation and in 20 foreign countries, including but not limited to the National Security Agency, Pentagon Police, and the United States Secret Service. Robbie is certified and titled as a Dual-Purpose Canine and has undergone extensive training in locating narcotics and suspect apprehension. During Robbie’s training at Vohne Liche, he studied Obedience, Decoy work, Leash Control, Building Searching, Tracking, and Handler Protection. After the Kennel staff prepared Robbie, Canine Handler Deputy Kerry Hamilton was sent through five weeks of training with his new partner.

Since he has worked the streets of Johnson County, Robbie has made multiple felony and misdemeanor apprehensions. A suspected burglar fled on foot from Deputy’s in a White River Township Subdivision and successfully hid in an unsecured mini-barn until Robbie tracked him down. Hearing the mean bark and heavy breathing of the Belgium Malinois just outside the mini-barn door was enough to bring the trembling suspect out of hiding without any injuries to the pursuing Deputy’s. Recently, Robbie located a suspect who had just committed a theft in rural Needham Township. The man refused to comply with orders to stop and was quickly and effortlessly apprehended by Robbie. Robbie routinely locates narcotics hidden inside or thrown from motor vehicles during traffic stops.

Deputy Hamilton works with Robbie daily and they train together with other canine units on a monthly basis.

Canine Units from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office are available to provide public service demonstrations for your Community Service Group or Neighborhood Association. For more information, E-mail the Road Division Commander, Major Randy Werden, at: rwerden@co.johnson.in.us.

This Spotlight article is the first in a series introducing to the public some of the special tools, staff, and resources of your Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

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