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Telephone Solicitation Scam Warning
(March 22, 2006)

Telephone Scam Warning: Many different variations of scams are currently ongoing in Central Indiana. Scams such as an IRS scam that indicates that you owe the IRS and must pay a fee to stay out of jail. The Jury Duty scam where you missed jury duty and must pay a fee to remain out of jail. The Granddaughter-Grandson scam where they are in jail in another state and need money to bond out of jail. All of these have one interest in mind and that is to talk you out of your hard earned money. Immediately hang up on these callers. If you need guidance or help, then call a loved one or Law Enforcement to your residence. This is what we are paid for, to help you out! Please keep your hard earned money in your pockets, so that you can enjoy your retirement years. If ever in doubt your local law enforcement officials are on duty 24/7/365.

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