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Spotlight: Sheriff's Honor Guard
(March 14, 2006)

Spotlight: Sheriff's Honor Guard

Sheriff Terry McLaughlin has established an Honor Guard program within the Johnson County Sheriff's Office. Ten (10) members of the Johnson County Sheriff's Office trained during the week of March 6, 2006. Training Coordinator Randy Kantner of D.L.F. Honor Guard Training instructed a well organized course. Team members underwent four (4) intense days of training in the areas of marching, manual of arms, funeral details, honor guard programs, firing volleys, flag etiquette and flag folding. Sheriff Terry McLaughlin saw the need for this honor guard program after the passing of Sergeant Bob Wilson and Detective (Inspector) Kenny White.

Members of the honor guard are: Colonel Doug Cox, Major Randy Werden, Major Steve Byerly, Sergeant Eric Cox, Deputy Steve Edwards, Deputy Duane Burgess, Deputy Bryan Wolfe, Deputy James Bryant, Deputy Kirby Cochran and Deputy Chuck Murphy. The Johnson County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard Team is looking forward to proudly serving the Johnson County Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Johnson County. We intend to "Honor Those Who Have Gone Before".

Johnson County Sheriff's Honor Guard: Honoring Those Who Have Gone Before.

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