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Pursuit Nabs Wanted Fugitives
(December 27, 2005)

Vehicle Pursuit, Crash, Foot Pursuit, Wanted Fugitives Apprehended

Veteran Sheriff's Deputy Joseph Clark was dispatched to investigate a recklessly driving vehicle westbound Smith Valley Road near State Road 135. Deputy Clark saw the white Chevrolet minivan and tried to stop it; Instead, the driver slammed on the accelerator spinning his tires, and began to flee. The van careened through a red light driving around stopped traffic at Smith Valley and Peterman Roads before turning southbound onto Runyon Road. Next, the passenger jumped out of the van while it was still moving. The van then went off the roadway and struck a utility pole. Electric wires fell down around both the suspects vehicle and Deputy Clark's squad car. Clark than began chasing the fleeing suspect on foot. As he ran on Driftwood Lane, a woman driving a minivan drove along behind the running Deputy. Clark requested her assistance, and she was thrilled to assist, driving Deputy Clark right up to the fleeing man! Clark exited and was joined in the chase by Sheriff's Lieutenant Jerry Pickett. Pickett and Clark caught up to the suspect close enough that Lt. Pickett used his Taser to fire two barbed needles into the back of the fleeing suspect; A quick delivery of 50,000 volts into the man was enough to end the pursuit immediately; He was taken into custody. Now the search was on for the second suspect who had also fled the vehicle on foot. Deputy Mike Rogier spotted the second suspect walking between houses in another area subdivision. After briefly losing him, a citizen pointed out where the suspect had ran, and Deputy Rogier and Lieutenant Jerry Pickett apprehended him as well. One of the men was wanted on a Burglary Warrant and one was wanted by the D. C. Parole Board for a Parole Violation. Charges of Felony Resisting Law Enforcement in a Motor Vehicle, Criminal Recklessness with a Motor Vehicle, Operating While Never Receiving a License, Leaving the Scene of a Personal Injury Crash, and Reckless driving were also added to the suspects lengthy prior arrest record. A great team effort by all of Lt. Jerry Pickett's shift resulted in the safe arrest of these violent, dangerous, wanted fugitives from justice.

Deputy Clark would like to personally thank the woman who assisted as the driver of the van during the pursuit. If you know her name, please contact Deputy Joseph Clark at JClark@co.johnson.in.us.