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Juvenile Burglary Suspects Arrested
(December 27, 2005)

Juvenile Burglary Suspects Arrested

Deputy Mike Rogier was patrolling the Walnut Woods Subdivision off of Smith Valley Road in White River Township when he observed a suspicious vehicle. He saw a car with fogged windows and at last one passenger apparently asleep inside the car. Further inspection found that there were three juveniles asleep inside the car, and a large amount of electronics equipment laying around them; There were several amplifiers, speakers, a microphone, and miscellaneous cords. While investigating the youths, Deputy Rogier spotted two electronic scales with the initials C.G.H.S. on the exterior. Shortly afterward, one of the youths admitted that they had broke into the Center Grove High School and stolen all the items they had in the car with them. Entry was gained into the school building via a set of master keys to the school that was stolen a short time prior to this incident. Sheriff's Detectives continued the investigation and located the stolen keys tossed in a grassy area. After the investigation was complete, more than $5,000.00 worth of stolen taxpayer purchased items had been recovered and returned to Center Grove High School staff members. Review of the school video camera system showed the suspects breaking into the building and stealing the items. Also located in the vehicle was a small amount of Marijuana. All three youths were arrested and charged with Burglary to an Educational Institution and were jailed in the Johnson County Juvenile Detention Center.

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