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Deputies Arrest Knife-Wielding Drug Suspect
(December 26, 2005)

Deputies Arrest Armed Drug Suspect

On Christmas Eve morning at about 7:00 A.M., Deputy Vince Corliss was patrolling along US-31 south of Franklin when he observed a Blue Chevrolet Lumina passenger car fail to yield the right of way by pulling out in front of oncoming traffic. Deputy Corliss ran a license plate check on the vehicle and found that the plate belonged on a different car than the car he was following. As the driver failed to signal his turn from US-31 onto County Road 650S in Edinburgh, Deputy Corliss stopped the violator and was soon joined by Deputy Mike Rogier. The man in the car was acting very nervous and was refusing to follow simple instructions; Despite being ordered to remain in the vehicle, the driver repeatedly exited the car, causing Deputies' Corliss and Rogier to become more suspicious - and cautious. Deputy Corliss attempted to establish the man's identity, as he claimed to not have any identification on him. The man provided Deputy Corliss with a false name. Moments later, the man put his hand in his pocket and produced a knife. Deputies' Corliss and Rogier quickly handcuffed the man. Further investigation revealed an identification card showing the suspect to be 29-year old Martin Roy Emerson of North Clay Street in Edinburgh. Emerson insisted that was someone else's identification card, but Rogier and Corliss's laptop computers displayed a prior book-in photograph of Emerson that clearly and undeniably showed they had the right man identified. Finally, Emerson admitted he was caught. In one of Emerson's pockets, Deputies' Corliss and Rogier located a white powder substance which the suspect identified as Methamphetamine. Emerson had also been labeled by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles as a Habitual Traffic Violator. As a result, it is a Felony offense for him to be in operation of a motor vehicle at any time. Thanks to the good observations of Corliss and the quick action by both he and Deputy Rogier, the knife-wielding drug suspect has been secured in the Johnson County Jail.

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