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Crime Alert!
(October 20, 2005)

Crime Alert!

The Sheriff's Office is investigating a pattern of Thefts from Vehicles in the White River Township area. Specific areas of concern are centralized in the area of Fairview Road and Peterman Road, specifically the Windsong, Summit Ridge, Pebble Hills, and Pebble Run subdivisions. Neighborhoods adjacent to Olive Branch Road have also been affected. Area residents could assist the Sheriff's Office by being observant and reporting suspicious activity immediately.
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What should I look for?

The recent pattern of thefts have been occurring primarily on weekend overnight/early morning hours. Residents should be observant for suspects (often two) walking around residential areas on foot, specifically through backyards of homes. The suspects walk around the neighborhood looking for unlocked parked cars.

What can I do to prevent theft?

Lock your car doors! Make sure the garage door to your home is shut at night! Nearly every one of the recent thefts involves owners who failed to lock their doors and left valuables in plain sight. NEVER leave handguns in unattended vehicles. Leave motion lights activated, and pay attention to them when they turn on! If you hear a neighborhood dog barking outside, look out the window and see if you can see anyone walking around outside. Most importantly, do not EVER approach the suspect(s), do not turn on lights if you see them outside, and do not indicate in any manner that you have or will be calling 9-1-1. We do not want to tip them off that they are being watched or that Sheriff's Deputies are on the way. Simply keep watching them, and call 9-1-1 so that we can catch them before they flee.