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Report of Domestic Battery Leads to Narcotics Arrest
(March 14, 2005)

On March 10th 2005 at 0713 AM the Johnson County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to the area of 260 North and 750 West in Union Township. Upon the arrival of Sheriff Deputies Joe Clark and Damian Katt it was discovered that the homeowners had been engaged in a domestic dispute. The female occupant of the residence advises that she discovered a glass pipe in the possession of her husband. She suspected him of using illegal narcotics. Upon confronting the husband she was reportedly slapped across the face causing pain. The fifty (50) year old husband was arrested for domestic battery. During a search of his person deputies discovered a plastic baggie with suspected marijuana, eye drops, fold up scissors and a piece of a plastic straw. The Deputies realizing that these items are used in the drug market decided to ask for the homeowners consent to search the residence. A Sheriff's Office K-9 was called to the residence. Discovered in the search was approximately one hundred and eight (108) baggies containing suspected marijuana, along with small amounts of methaphetamine, and assorted pills. The husband was arrested and initially charged with domestic battery, dealing in marijuana, possession of a schedule II, III, and IV narcotic, reckless possession of paraphernalia and possession of methamphetamine.

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