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Residential Crime Prevention

Protect Your Home and Keep Track of Your Valuables
Favorite Items for Residential Burglary Suspects

Lap top computers
Items will be taken and exchanged for narcotics for penny's on the dollar.

How can you secure your home:

  1. Doors and locks - Harden your target. Make your home harder to enter. Burglars are predominantly lazy. Dead bolt locks preferred. Place device on sliding glass door as extra security. Latches on these doors are easy to defeat. Make sure windows are locked. Do not leave doors unlocked thinking that you will have less damage.
  2. Be a good neighbor - Neighbors helping neighbors is usually how burglary suspects are captured. Report suspicious activity immediately to police.
  3. Lighting - Interior lighting shows signs of life and activity in a residence. Light timers are inexpensive and can be found anywhere. Exterior lighting is very important. Motion detector lights very effective.
  4. Alarm systems - Alarm systems have a place in a home security plan and are effective.
  5. Home safes anchored to floor - Keep your valuables locked up in an inconspicuous place.
  6. Identification - Mark your belongings with name or operators license number. Do not use your social security number. Keep a detailed inventory of valuables.
  7. Neighborhood watch groups - Sheriff's Office can help you get a program started in your neighborhood.
  8. Noise - Consider getting a dog. Leave a television or stereo playing.
  9. Insurance - make sure you have homeowners insurance coverage and take pictures of all your valuables while keeping track of serial numbers.

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