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Crime Alerts

Thefts and burglaries occur regularly in today's society. The involvement of the law abiding citizens of Johnson County is pivotal in the detection and apprehension of these criminals. Be vigilant and report suspicious activity in your area immediately when it occurs. Remember: If it doesn't seem quite right, it probably isn't.

Report Suspicious Activity by calling the Sheriff’s Dispatch Center:
(317) 736-5155

Remember to obtain as much information as possible about what you are reporting:

  Description of Suspect(s):
Approximate age, race, sex, height, weight, unique characteristics (such as scars, distinct nose, jewelry, etc.) and clothing such as color and type. Compare your height and weight with the suspect’s.
  Description of Vehicle(s)
L icense number, make, model, color or any noticeable damage.
  Travel Direction:
Don’t forget to obtain a direction of travel on the suspect! Northbound? Eastbound? On foot or in a vehicle? The dispatcher will need to know these very important questions.

Identity Theft

Make sure online purchases are done using only a secure website. Be very careful when using a credit card ordering merchandise over the telephone. Be sure to destroy documents you receive in the mail that are unimportant materialistically, but contain your personal information, such as your date of birth or your social security number. Papers containing your identifiers should be destroyed in a paper shredder in another manner rather than simply thrown into the trash.

United States Postal Inspectors Identity Theft Information


Finally, remember to be very careful when dealing with door-to-door salesmen. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it’s more than likely something to stay away from.

Report suspicious activity in the Sheriff’s Jurisdiction to the Sheriff’s Office:
( 317) 736-5155.

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